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Escape Air Vest (EAV) the best solution in evacuating people from a smoke enriched environment.

The Escape Air Vest (EAV) ® is a purpose designed vest which provides the user with an air supply to help people to escape from incidents such as a fire, gas or other incidents. It allows people to breathe air for a prolonged period in a smoke enriched atmosphere. It could also give vital breathing minutes whilst you await rescue from the emergency services.

What does the vest consist of?
Whistle, Torch, Glow stick, Eyewear, Lanyard, Nose clip, Mouthpiece, Tank, Regulator

What is Emergency Escape Vest (EAV)
“The lifejacket for buildings” the EAV is an emergency escape vest containing breathable air for use in a fire/smoke emergency or in any situation in which breathing may become impaired.


You should always have a plan for escape and always keep escape routes clear. If you have doubts on anything to do with fire safety call your Fire Brigade or Civil Defence authority.

If you can escape

  • Upon finding a fire or smoke, raise the alarm and alert others within the building. Call the Emergency Services if possible.
  • Try to stay calm
  • Do not deviate to get your EAV unless you cannot escape without it.
  • Stay low if and when you encounter a smoke layer.
  • If you can get out, stay out.

If you are trapped and require rescue

  • If you are trapped move to an area you deem to be furthest away from the fire
  • Close any doors and use any material available like clothing or sheets to block any gaps you see smoke entering
  • Call the Emergency Services. Provide your name, location and the specific location of yourself and anyone else. Give as much information as possible. Stay on the phone if you can.
  • If you can move to a window and stay tight to a wall. Open a window and make yourself known to anyone nearby or the emergency services.
  • Wear your EAV and stay calm. Control your breathing and use the nose clip. When in clean air Save Air!
  • Assist anyone who may require your help
  • Keep everyone updated where possible
  • Await rescue or make your way to a safer place where possible using all the tools associated with the EAV

EAV Operation Instructions

  • Fit Vest over shoulder or head whatever is comfortable. Use the Velcro to make a comfortable fit.
  • When required place mouthpiece in your mouth stay calm and breathe normally.
  • Place nose clip on the nose
  • If required place eyewear over eyes
  • Use the whistle to attract attention
  • Use the torch where required to help with the escape route vision or to attract attention
  • Use the lanyard if there is a group of people escaping at the same time to ensure you can stay together
  • Use the glow sticks to illuminate the route, a casualty or for attracting attention

Care and Maintenance

  • EAV tank and regulator should be stored full or with some positive pressure to prevent contaminants from entering the cylinder. Store in a clean, dry environment with optimum temperatures of 50-75ºF for best product performance. Avoid direct sunlight, automobile trunks or other areas subject to temperature extremes. Industry guidelines recommend replacing air in cylinders annually but an inspection by a professional maintainer is
  • Check the bottle pressure weekly and ensure the indicator on gauge is in the green section.
  • Never overfill the tank

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