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Escape Air Vest (EAV) the best solution in evacuating people from a smoke enriched environment.

The inventor of the Escape Air Vest (EAV) is a British Royal Navy veteran and during his 24year career has encountered a number of incidents whereby lives have been lost that could have been saved. Having then operated and maintained buildings in both London and UAE it was always at the forefront of his mind to try and invent an emergency equipment that was similar to what fire fighters have when they enter an incident. The question in his mind was “If fire fighters need air to complete their mission then surely the people caught up in the incident also require something similar to ensure they can get out of harm’s way or be led to a total place of safety.

Having used ELSA (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) he knew this solution would not work. Since a child the general public have been told “never put plastic on your head you will suffocate”. This is the reason ELSA has only sold to professional people requiring escape from their professional place of work, a confined space or H2S leak on an oil rig. It also is a constant supply of air that requires a mask to be cleared by exposing it to what it is trying to protect for Misting reasons. He also tried similar type Smoke masks that work in a filtering system giving breathable air to the person wearing the mask it was obvious that a different piece of equipment was required. Using the life skills accumulated from his time in the military and operating tall buildings he was also a “clear sea SCUBA diver”. If these scuba divers use a spare air bottle when they run out of air from their normal bottle, then surely this spare air bottle could be modernised for use in an escape from a smoke enriched environment.

Having carried out some testing and drawing on many experiences the solution had to be the transportation of this “Air” by a person during an escape from a smoke enriched environment. In an incident there are many things to take into consideration that creates the stress a person goes through and by removing some of these stresses then perhaps that person can get to a total place of safety.

The Escape Air Vest (EAV) is the best solution to date that will be a “game changer” in the evacuation of persons from a smoke enriched environment.

Our Reason

The noxious fumes created by the burning of many household materials can quickly transform trapped, breathable air into a toxic cloud choking your lungs and burning your eyes long before the heat from a fire is a real danger.

In recent years, fire safety experts from the NFPA have published national statistics regarding deaths and injury resulting from fire. The data clearly indicates that smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death and injury. Online medical advice sites report 50%-80% of all deaths and injury from fire are primarily caused by smoke or a combination of smoke and fire. In 2011, the NFPA reported that from 2004 to 2008, 41% of all fire INJURIES reported were from smoke inhalation alone. Often these injuries create breathing problems long after the fire is out. Carbon Monoxide sends, you to sleep and Hydrogen Cyanide suffocates you whilst you are sleeping!

We are all aware of the 72 persons who perished in their own homes in June 2017 in that horrific fire at Grenfell Tower.

To read more about fire and smoke inhalation statistics:

For specific statistics on Structural Fires and incident frequency, view the NFPA document on “The U.S. Fire Problem.”
In 2017/2018, there were 334 fire-related fatalities in the United Kingdom alone.
There were 30,744 dwelling fires attended in 2017/18 in the UK.

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